Folkestone Cricket Club Colts Day 2015
Sunday 26th July 2015

This year there will be the following teams taking part in our Colts Day:-
Folkestone Sharks, Dolphins, Elham A and Elham B.
We will only be running U11s this year as we have the U9 festival on the county ground and the U13s are already playing during the morning!

Under 11 Super Sixes

Lower County Pitch


Folkestone Sharks vs Elham A 11:00
Elham B vs Folkestone Dolphins 12:00
Elham A vs Folkestone Dolphins 13:00
Folkestone Sharks vs Elham B 14:00
Elham A vs Elham B 15:00
Folkestone Sharks vs Folkestone Dolphins 16:00
Final 17:00


Super Sixes and KWIK Cricket Rules

  • Each team consists of SIX players.
  • Minimum of THREE or FOUR matches for each team.
  • The top two teams in the league will go through to the final.
  • If teams are tied on the same points we will revert back to head-to-head results and finally the most runs scored.
  • Five overs of 6 balls per innings.
  • Each match to last no longer than 60 mins
  • Each bowler to bowl one over each (expect keeper).
  • Wicket-keeper cannot be changes - unless injured.
  • Two runs for wides or no-balls EXCEPT the last over which is normal cricket rules.
  • Batters to retire at 20 runs but can return to complete the innings.
  • Each team to nominate a Power Play over where all runs scored are doubled.